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SWAT KATS - Jake "Razor" Clawson 2021

My take on Jake ‘Razor’ Clawson from the epic TV show: Swat Kats.
Arguably one of the best cartoons growing up in the '90s. IMO, this show alone inspired a generation of kids to become fighter pilots.

Jake Clawson, a mechanical wizard, devised the various gadgets and advanced weaponry used in Turbokat. Razor also served as the radar interceptor and weapons control officer on the jet. Razor was a trained martial arts master and was more measured and restrained of the two kats.

The show itself was brilliant. Starting from a heart-pounding rock-for-the-ages intro and dropping you into a city marred by corruption, greed, police mismanagement, regular overzealous military intervention, and some of the strangest scenarios to grace Television in the '90s.

In case you haven’t seen the show, the two pilots (T-bone and Razor) become grounded after their pursuit of archvillain Dark Kat sets them at odds with the headstrong Commander Feral. Reassigned to duties at a military salvage yard, Chance and Jake create their high-tech jet from discarded parts and dedicate themselves to protecting the city in their secret identities as the SWAT Cats. Armed to the teeth and ready to roll, these masked vigilantes continue their quest to bring down Dark Kat and other threats to the city.

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